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Breast Cancer Risks

I've been studying nutrition and cancer for over 20 years now. Reading everything I can get my hands on. Because I have lots of family history. I'm going to try to keep this brief because the blog I am quoting is soooo long. Here's the background. I read a book a few months ago called Wheat Belly. It referenced this blog in response to another book I read years ago called The China Study. The basic conclusion of the China Study, which was one of the longest running studies on diet and disease, is that vegan eating is the way to go. As much as I study, I have come to the conclusion that nearly vegan eating is good for your health. Let me rephrase, a diet filled with fruits and veggies and devoid of commercial chemical frankenfood, is an easy way to have vibrabt health. Throwing the baby (meat and fats) out with the bathwater (junk and unhealthy fats) is not the answer.

My conclusions are these:

A variety of meats and healthy fats are definitely good for you when combined with loads of fruits and veggies. This is how we were created to eat, and I have felt the best and been the thinnest when I followed that basic diet. Veggies, meats, fats, some fruits.

Sugar FEEDS CANCER. PERIOD. Go do your own research, don't trust me. The sugar can be table sugar, corn syrup, pop tarts, white or wheat bread (loads of it like most Americans eat), potatoes, candy bars, soda, or alcohol. Yes, the body turns alcohol into sugar. If I were ever diagnosed with cancer, my first step would be to drop ALL forms of sugar and anything that converts to it for the rest of my life. Knowing me, I'd likely allow a treat once a month. But, it should not be a daily part of anyone's life, much less someone with cancer.

When I can't make what I know or feel to be right, gel with something that seems official or scientific, I just chuck it in the back of my head and keep the wonder gears in motion. Enter www.rawfoodsos.com. Denise is a 20 something Suma Cum Laude graduate of NAU in English. For degree snobs, go spend some time on her blog and then tell me why I should ignore her because she doesn't have a PHD in nutrition. In my world, PHD often stands for piled higher and deeper. Anywho, Denise is giving me the answers as to why there were things about the China Study that just didn't seem right to me.

She went through all 900 pages searching for scientific truth. Her blog is what came from that. Now we are to my ultimate point. Most people will NOT have the interest that I do to read the entire post I am about to share. It is tremendously long. The part I want to share is under the subheading of Campbell Claim Number 2. Use your find feature to find that or breast cancer. Realize if you are not a nutrition nerd like me, this may not rock your world like it did mine. I am telling you though, THIS IS SIGNIFICANT what she has discovered. Ok, so what is it?

In the first claim, she finds that cancers have no significant correlation to animal protein unless the data is skewed by other factors. It's the second claim this is really about. According to her analysis, the greatest risk factor, for breast cancer, even above environmental pollution, is BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVEL. That means blood sugar. What causes a rise in blood sugar? High GI foods. That's Glycemic Index if you aren't aware of it. The higher the GI number, the more your blood sugar is raised. The second highest risk for breast cancer (because it also affects blood sugar) is ALCOHOL. THE ONLY TWO ITEMS THAT ARE STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT FOR BREAST CANCER!!!

Why doesn't every woman in the world know this? I'm nobody. I'm a nutrition hobbyist, with a degree in education, who just finished a couple of chemistry classes. I'm not an expert in anything. But this is the most significant dietary information I've ever seen when it comes to breast cancer. Want to read it yourself? Go here.

http://rawfoodsos.com/2010/07/07/the-china-study-fact-or-fallac/ Remember to scroll down to Campbell Claim Number 2. What do you think? Who needs a pink ribbon if this kind of information is true? No offense intended.


Here is another awesome article my addiction feeding husband sent me this week. You now have permission to eat meat and fat. Just go easy on the sugar and carbs. cheeky

I think it's funny that it's a finance article. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/big-fat-lie-ve-fed-162400980.html

PS, I am REALLY happy to be taking a nutritional product that the original purpose was to regulate blood sugar, which curbs hunger and cravings, and also regulates blood pressure, cholesterol, and lipid levels. It also has the unfortunate side effect of losing weight in some people. 🙂

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