“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

Cancer Fear

Before my mother died, she had breast cancer and a mastectomy, but did not die from breast cancer. Several years later, my paternal aunt developed breast cancer and eventually it claimed her life. Around the same time her health declined, my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she also died a year after my aunt. I became very fearful that I was a marked target and that I was travelling a road that would take me to the same destination as these female relatives.

One night I went to a meeting at the church I attend where a class was given on how to care for bedbound patients. As the lady explained how to change sheets, I had a flash back to a time when I helped do that very thing with my aunt. It triggered a very emotional response within me and I left the room quickly and ran to an empty room in the church and tried to regain control of my emotions.

I remembered to tap and did so for about 15 minutes, on the frightening memories and the fear that had become overwhelming. These emotions were all released and I was able to return to the meeting. I no longer fear a future of cancer, but welcome the health that I know is mine if I seek it and make good choices.

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