“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”


Unconventional use of EFT

Guest post from my friend and fellow practioner Arden Compton.

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Unexpected Success – Bowling

A few years ago I took my family bowling.  The bowling alley here in Brigham City was giving away a turkey to anyone who bowled 3 strikes in a row.  So, off we went to try our luck.  Now, I am not a serious bowler; throughout my life, I have probably gone bowling about once a year … maybe less.  I usually bowl somewhere between 100 and 120.  If I get over 120, it is a good game for me – if I get into the 130's – that's a really good game.

So, getting three strikes in a row wasn't likely – I might get 2 or 3 strikes in a game, but not in a row.  In my first frame, I knocked over 8 pins, not bad.  But I thought about how fun it would be to win a turkey and I decided to try some EFT.  On my next turn, as I held the ball in my right hand, I tapped with my left hand on the face points and repeated in my mind, This fear of not making a strike.

It took a little over five seconds to tap through that.  This time I bowled a spare (meaning I knocked all the pins over in two tries), but was only one pin away from getting a strike.  Each turn for the rest of the game, I went through the same tapping process.  The next frame I bowled a strike!  But on my next turn two frames I bowled a spare – I needed three strikes in a row.

I was feeling pretty good about my game at this point; I was on track to an above-average score for me.  Then the next frame I bowled a strike, and the following frame I bowled another strike!  At this point I did a little tapping before my next turn, there was a little pressure because I was going for the turkey on this one.  I tapped on Fear of messing up the third strike ” fear of not getting a strike. I also tapped five seconds or so after I picked up my ball.  And sure enough, I got a third strike!

I was so excited, I yelled loud enough for everyone in the bowling alley to hear me, "I won a turkey!"  My wife and kids all gave me high fives.  I ran over to the desk and had all the bowling alley employees give me a high five, there were some friends of mine several lanes down, I ran over to them and had them give me high fives.  So, the next time I got the ball I tapped again, and I got another strike!  Four in a row!  And then I got another strike, and another one, and another one!  Seven strikes in a row by the time the game ended.  I bowled a 236, 100 points beyond what I thought would be a really good game.  Our friends even asked me to come bowl on their lane so I could help them win a turkey.  On their lane, I bowled another strike.

However, I started having some uncertainty because I didn't think the bowling alley wanted me to win a turkey for other people – thus the next frame I ended the streak with a spare.  I excused that by saying, "The ball slipped from my fingers," which it had, but I am almost certain it was because of those inner doubts about winning a turkey for someone else that I "sabotaged" it.

As I look at what allowed me to have this unexpected success, the first thing was I thought about how fun it would be to win a turkey. I wasn’t worried about embarrassing myself by not winning a turkey, I had nothing to loose.  If I bowled my usual game and didn’t win a turkey, so what? Not a concern. But the idea of winning a turkey just felt really fun, and that raised my vibration.

Something I wasn’t not consciously aware of at the time was that when I considered bowling a turkey, and the idea “felt fun”, at some level I saw myself winning the turkey, and believed it enough that I felt the fun sensation, I felt my vibration raise. If I had seen it in my minds eye with absolutely no belief, it would not have created that fun emotion, I would have felt doubt, or stress, or possibly nothing. But given that the idea felt fun, at some level I saw it happening and enjoyed that experience before it happened. This was not at a conscious level; if you asked me, “Do you think you can bowl a turkey?” I probably would have answered, “I don’t know, never have, but it would be fun.”

Then I used EFT to help calm me and remove fear of not getting a strike. These two things helped me bowl a spare, a strike, and then two more spares.  This was really good for me, and my excitement level rose, I was doing good! The bowling pins were always willing to cooperate, they always obeyed the laws of physics.  As I raised my vibration with more joy and excitement, and the bowling pins yielded and began falling down every time I rolled the ball down the lane.  Everything came together in support of this higher energy.

Something else interesting is that I had not set a goal to bowl eight strikes in a row. I simply thought about how fun it would be to win turkey, removed my fear of not making a strike, and the results were much better than I would have considered possible. People attach a lot of unnecessary conditions to success; they think they have to work hard for long periods of time, they have to stress, they have to practice a lot. Now, I have to be careful here, I am not saying we shouldn’t practice or work hard, but in the end that is not what is most important in success.  Loving what you are doing and enjoying what you are doing is much more important for your success than your work ethic or your skill level.  I had not done my due diligence to bowl eight strikes in a row; I had not been working hard, I had not been practicing, I did not have the skill level to do that. I only thought of it after I started bowling. But in that moment when I unwittingly raised my vibration by imagining how fun it would be and removed all fear, everything came together for me.  All the elements honored this higher vibration; even the elements of my body led me to send the ball down the lane at a skill level far above my own.  So, whatever we are we are working towards in life, we need to make sure we are loving the present moment, excited about what we are doing in the present moment, and look forward with hope. We may not know exactly what the results will be, in fact we need to be completely unattached as to what the results will be. When we are in a state of love and joyful anticipation, enjoying the present moment, unattached to what the results will be, things turn out better than we could possibly plan or orchestrate on our own. All things are possible!

Something else that is interesting is that since this I bowled 8 strikes in a row, I have gone bowling maybe a half a dozen times. I used ascribe my success to the fact that I had tapped on ‘fear of not making a strike’ before each turn. However, each of the times since then my score has been back to where it was before, somewhere between 100 and 120, even though I tapped in much the same way. How come I wasn’t able to repeat the success?

First, I worried about failure, I felt I had something to prove.  I wasn’t happily thinking about success, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it again. Also, I was very attached to the results of roll of the ball, I needed it to be a strike, and it rarely was. I wasn’t thinking about how fun it would be to bowl a turkey, I had some fear if I couldn’t repeat the process it would discredit me and EFT. So, I wasn’t anywhere near the vibration I had when I bowled 8 strikes in a row. Instead of being happy and feeling good, I was worried and concerned. Both times the laws of physics cooperated with my vibration, supported my vibration. What I thought gave me success the first time (EFT tapping) was really only a minor part of the equation, otherwise I would have experienced more success on subsequent trips to the bowling alley.  What made the biggest difference with me not caring about the results, but being excited about the idea of winning a turkey and enjoying the present moment.

The Daily Practical Use of EFT

Wow! What a busy summer that flew by. I have not been keeping up on regular newsletters or posts. Sometimes life is that way isn't it? We have a plan and we just have to move with the flow sometimes. I had a really great experience with a mommy of young babies this Summer. She came to me because of mounting stress over working. Not that there was anything necessarily wrong with her job, but that she had to work at all. Her husband is a student and she has to work to pay the bills. Her great desire is to stay home with her babies and her oldest was not making it any easier.

Each day as she left for work, her sweet little girl would be moved to sobbing and crying and begging her mommy to please not leave her and go to work. Day after day after week after month, this stress continued to mount. She also has a lovely little baby boy. And he was also showing signs of stress, probably picking up mom's stressful feelings.

So, mom came to me and we worked around all of the stressful issues with her work. Sad mom, sad babies, stress from sobbing, and so forth. Within about 30 minutes this stressful mom, was much more relaxed, smiling instead of crying, and feeling hopeful. We discussed mom to mom some of the things she could do to keep the momentum with this feeling. One of the things I recommended was that each night as she tucked her daughter into bed, that she show her the magic buttons that make her feel better. Show her how to express her feelings and tap on herself so she could feel better. And she did.

Within a day or two of our appointment, she and her family went out of town for two weeks. I saw her yesterday because I needed to attend to some business where she works. Without asking, she offered me the following details.

Her little girl had been getting progressively worse with her emotions. She was beginning at night to start crying about the next day. She showed her how to tap and what to say about her feelings. On there way home from vacation, several days before she had to go back to work, she heard from the back of the car in her carseat, something like this. "I am sad mommy is going to work. I am mad mommy is going to work." She looked back to find her 3 year old, actively tapping the points on her face as she vocalized her feelings. Well that deserves a Toyota jump for those of you who remember those commercials.

Further, mom told me that she had been to work four days this week since coming home, and no sobbing fits. And I have to say, mommy looks much more relaxed and happy about being at work. One more thing. Little baby boy was having serious constipation. The day after I tapped with his mom, he began "letting go" of all of that. 🙂 Interesting how babies pick up on what is going on around them. So happy to help this little family through this very stressful, very common problem. EFT is so practical.

Healthy minds, healthy bodies

Choosing what is going on in our heads is all well and good. Learning to control our thoughts is one of the most important things we can do to experience abundance. But putting the right things in our bodies, is also a fabulous way to experience abundance. Here are a couple of good links to consider. The first is foods that contain the most antioxidants. Antioxidants are powerful components of food that help repair damage done to our bodies by free radicals. See the list here:


I believe changing our bad food habits will also bring us more abundant health. I have been on several fasts over the years, and I think I'll start a new one with the new year. I like this one:


Instead of making empty promises about the weight you might want to lose in the new year, why not make some healthy choices to raise your levels of health and happiness?

Free to live abundantly.

Eventually my daily abundance blog will be a daily thing. But until then, I hope it is an inspiration of uplifting thoughts to keep you pointed toward abundance. I had an experience yesterday that I hope will be helpful. I am an EFT practitioner. See the link on the left side of the page. A young teen girl I know is suffering from repeated stomach aches and anxiety. In only a few minutes, taught over the phone, she was relieved from her stomach ache completely and this morning woke up without one for the first time in several days. Not only that, she was feeling anxious about something upcoming and on her own, was able to soothe that anxiety and look forward to the event with joy. 

It can be difficult to really live an abundant life, when we have negative emotions that get in the way. And get in the way they do. EFT allows us to easily release negative emotions AND physical symptoms. See my website, www.dailyabundance.net for more information. Being FREE is a beautiful thing!


Tap with Me
EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Although I try to remain true to my training, I am using my version of it here. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information. I don't have medical or psychology training, but offer EFT as a teacher and coach.