β€œThe greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”


The Scariest Thing Ever



It's funny the things that cause us to fear. For some people, it's public speaking. I love public speaking. For others it's heights. Not too fond of that. Some people love attention. While I seem very outgoing, some types of attention bring me great fear! I post occasional selfies on FB, but that's just when I'm feeling a bit silly. But this. What I am about to do, makes my knees knock. I don't know why. I am sure if I asked myself some good questions, I'd get to the bottom of it. But, I'm going to do it anyway, because that's how I roll with fear.

I'm going to skip the weight gain story. You can read about that here:

Weight gain/loss journey

Here's wear it gets really scary. I am posting my before, before, and during pictures. Eventually I will be so excited to share an after picture. That day is coming soon. πŸ™‚ But for now. Here we go. Fear factor and all.

One year ago, I looked like this.


That one's not so scary. Before, my face in 2014 and Feb. this year. Ok, here we go.

beforemarch beforemarch2

This was March 2014. I took this picture before starting some other products that I would not say were nutritional necessarily, but herbal. I weighed 195 pounds. I tried those products for 8 months and did not find they did much for me in terms of WEIGHT loss. You will see in the next pictures that I am a little leaner. But I weighed 193 when I started Isagenix. No offense intended, but when I read the back label of the other "multi-vitamin" I laughed out loud. I've been studying nutrition for nearly thirty years. It didn't have a lot of MULTI.

beforeoct beforeoct2

A small difference, but for the money I spent over time, I did not feel it was money well spent. I tried every combination of their products and this was the improvement. Having said that, during that time, I also picked up Zumba twice a week. So, it could have been the fact that I was moving my waist and booty.

And NOW. I do love these pictures a bit more. 20 pounds of loss, which when I was a young chiquita I could have literally done in six weeks. But now I have this extreme hypoglycemia deal going on that makes weight loss nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Until now. Haha. And they are NUTRITIONAL products.

  • 23 vitamins and minerals
  • Protein, energy-fueling carbs, and good fats
  • High-fiber content and active enzymes aid digestion

afterapril afterapril2 (1)

I FEEL so much better. I LOOK so much better. I get compliments everywhere I go, and while that's NOT what it's about, it sure feels nice. My ankles had turned to cankles, but now my ankels are back. My fingers are thin, and my finer features are coming back. I have worked very hard. Not just on this nutritional program, but continuing my exercise program, making permanent changes, working on the thoughts in my head, and working on bad habits. I have ten more pounds. I do actually still have a little roll. Ten more pounds is NOT my dream weight. I am not going for my dream weight. I am going for a healthy 48 year old woman weight. And I'm excited. For the first time in six years, I KNOW I will reach my goal and I have a maintenance plan after.

Are you tired of where you are? I have a plan. And you will get all kinds of support. If you didn't read my story, check it out, and the different ways you can get started. PM me or email me or if you know me, just pick up the phone. Being prepared PHYSICALLY is one way we need to be prepared for the coming events that WILL eventually come our way. Let me help you get in your best shape. πŸ™‚ Products cost but coaching and support is FREE.

If you’ve EVER wanted a coach


I don't know about you, but I've attended several events of different kinds. Most have been business improvement or personal improvement. I have shopped wisely and found awesome coaches to help me overcome and plan where I am headed. Leslie Householder is one of them. I count her as a mentor and a friend. Leslie is sharing some great news. It's unbelievable to me that she is putting her best content into this mentoring vault available for all to access, along with many other great coaches, speakers, and self-improvement professionals. I regularly see coaches marketing their services for $10,000+. You have to take a look at it. For less than most people's cable bill, you can get ongoing great information from some pretty awesome professionals. Cable doesn't offer this! And if you missed the chance to go to college, this is also way cheaper than college and arguably just as great an education. If you want to know more, Leslie will be talking about it on Thursday. Go read about it here.

Leslie's Invitation.


Easy Steps to a Healthy Weight

This article is the first in a series. Easy steps to Healthy Weight.

Step 1. Drink Water.

waterThe most important easy thing to change for an optimal weight and to improve your health is to drink good water. How much water? There is a lot of debate about that subject. The easiest thing to remember is 8-8ounce glasses of fluids a day. Water is preferable. Coffee and caffeinated sodas do not count because although caffeine is not necessarily a diuretic, it is a significant contributor to kidney stones if caffeinated beverages are your main source of fluid. As boring as it may seem, water should be your main source of fluid. Save other beverages for special occasions.

Another measurement for water intake is to drink half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 150 lbs, consider drinking 75 ounces of water. It's easy to get your water drinking accomplished if you drink 1-2 glasses upon arising. If you like a drink with a meal, 1 glass at each meal. 1-2 glasses in between meals. 1-2 glasses in the evening a few hours before bed. That formula would be 11 glasses in a day adding up to 88 ounces if you drink 2 instead of 1 at each time.

The best way to tell if you are getting enough water is to look at the color of your urine. If it is clear or very light yellow, your fluid/water intake is appropriate for you. Make a note of how many glasses a day it takes to achieve that. If your urine is dark, please drink water immediately.

It's important to know that the food you eat can also contribute to fluid intake; as much as 20%. So if you eat a lot of fruits and veggies or drink green smoothies, you may not need as much water. It's also important to know that if you are pregnant or nursing, sick, live in a hotter climate, or exercise regularly, you need even more water.

What are the benefits of being hydrated? Every organ in the body functions better when you are fully hydrated. The majority of Americans are actually dehydrated. From skin to mood to metabolism, water contributes to overall good health. What many people feel as hunger pains, can actually be signs of dehydration. If you are hungy and have had a good meal within 1-2 hours, instead of reaching for a snack, reach for a glass of water. If this curbs your hunger, you may have actually been thirsty. Drinking ice water can help you lose weight as your metabolism has to increase to warm the body up to body temperature.

For a fascinating look at what can go wrong in your body (just about anything), consider reading this book. Just click on the picture for more info. So interesting. Drink up!


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Less of this





Some of you may know, I've taught my Less Stress, More Living class dozens of times locally. But I've only done a webinar once. Now, anyone anywhere can attend the class and find out more about EFT or tapping as it is now commonly known. So, next week on freeconferencecall.com, I will share my screen and teach you how to gain more control over your life–thoughts, emotions, physical, and even spiritual. Next Wednesday, October 15, at 10 am. Please invite your friends.

Go here to register for the class. I'm so excited to "see" you next week!

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   More of this

What Is Different about ME?

twoTwo tools.

I teach LOTS of principles. There will be discussions, questions, exercises and so forth. But I have two tools that I believe I am the only coach who uses them both for revolutionary change.


Two. The Intentional Creation Assessment.

Coaching of any kind by someone who is good at what they do, can and will change your life IF you CHOOSE to be changed. All the coaching in the world won't change you if you do not ACT on true principles. You can also have a coach (or any other professional) who has all the credentials, but just isn't in the right business. How many of us have met a nurse or doctor in a crisis that we hope to never meet again? Or you can have a friend, who has no credentials, that you find yourself magnetically attracted to because everything they say seems like genius. Or they love you in ways that motivate you to change. Or any other number of factors. The point is, natural abilities that inspire goodness in others.

I found EFT 7 years ago. I was looking for something that I could help myself and others with. I often felt as I found myself suffering along with others, hoping for the resolution of their problem or health condition, that I wished I had a magic want to wave and resolve their problems. Life is not always meant to be that way, because every time we are challenged by life, we can grow and strengthen from it, but sometimes the challenge brings suffering. We don't want to stay in suffering very long. Optional or not as the saying goes. EFT is the closest thing to a magic wand as I have experienced in 25 years of alternative health and self improvement studies. I am a certified practitioner.

Combine EFT with coaching tools, and BOOM BABY! If you can cut through fear, pain, addictions, phobias, and other self-limitations, it is often extremely easy to make necessary changes. But if your job requires that you speak publicly, and you have a visceral fear of being in front of people, no amount of self-talk is going to get you comfortably on a stage. There are some who can through repetition "get over it." But I'm talking about the kind of fear, that would end that job or a relationship. EFT slices through fear easily, allowing you to get to the root of the problem if you want, but why bother if you don't? That's just ONE example.

How about our self-talk? "I'm not good enough, I don't deserve it, it's not safe for me to succeed." Where is it coming from and how do you get rid of it? You call me, and you and I outline the way, and we work through it together, and you stand back going, "WOW!" I don't say that to toot my own horn. You can look at my generous testimonials under the About tab of my website. I'm saying it because too many people are living ho-hum, when they could be living WOW. It is simple tools, that bring about revolutionary change. It doesn't have to be complicated!

The Intentional Creation Assessment. Wow. Again, just wow. This assessment has been the life work of Dave Blanchard. The 36 measurements point with mathematical accuracy to HOW your thoughts are getting in the way of your success. Given over 50,000 times, and over 5000 personally reviewed by Dave, this assessment has given me so much more understanding of how our thoughts create or destroy our reality. It takes me around an hour to review an assessment with someone, and right now it's completely free. I cannot even get over that. The value of this assessment combined with my personal review with you, will bring you new insights you may have never thought of. (Go to www.coachic.com and use my code, success)

Dave says that he has the "evidence that a significant portion of the population already possess the single greatest natural gift needed to create success. Unfortunately it has been buried deep beneath a mound of self-doubt and clouded by misinformation about how to create success, and all exacerbated by a hurricane of noise in our attics. It is time to become aware." What are you missing? That is what this tool reveals.

With both tools, we dive into success principles taught by one of the greatest success authors, Og Mandino. His principles have been brought into the 21st century for the benefit and success of thousands. You apply the principles to see new results in your relationships, finances, and profession. If you want the added benefit of health and wellness, I add that on for free when our coaching is finished. No extra cost. I've been studying and applying health principles for 25 years. I will soon be certified as a Lifestyle Educator with Metagenics, one of the foremost producers of medical foods and nutraceuticals.

So, that's what's different about me. You can achieve success with any coach if you trust yourself on the follow through and application. I give you two other tools that help you in the struggle to overcome your old self and reach out to embrace the self you've always wanted. I also consider myself a person of faith. These are the things that distinquish me from the millions of other coaches "out there." I think you will experience the difference.



Tap with Me
EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Although I try to remain true to my training, I am using my version of it here. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information. I don't have medical or psychology training, but offer EFT as a teacher and coach.