β€œThe greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”


Vision–You’re BLIND without it.

Well, here it is a New Year. And I have tons of things to share. I've been wanting to begin posting again for some time, and this video actually inpired me to finally do it. Because I have experience with this. I've been to Kirk's classes. And applied some of what he teaches, but I believe this one thing is the most powerful thing he shares. And it works.

I had a poster with my vision on it hanging in my office. Every time I went in, I took it out and looked at it. Not only did I sell all four of the houses on the poster, but I had my biggest year ever and sold 4 more. That might not seem like much to your average realtor, but in a county that only sells 12 houses a year, it's HUGE. Did I reach the exact goal? No, I fell 13% short of this specific $ goal. Do you think I'm crying over that? No way!

I used this technique to go from a $10,000 YEAR to a $10,000 MONTH (which was only part of the goal that year). And I have been able to repeat it. We've used it to purchase vehicles with the features we want, including price. Last year, I used it to sell several properties that I represented as a realtor. (See above picture) My son used it as a missionary to help him to be successful in his goals as a missionary. And as I write, I just realized that since we moved twice in a year, I haven't had one up for awhile. And I will remedy that VERY SOON. This works. And I invite you to try it. Kirk explains it best, so I am going to let him. And while I want people to follow what I teach, and become interested in the programs I am building, this is too important not to give you the link to the video. Please, if you want to accomplish things you never thought possible, this is worth watching. Click on the picture.


Edit: I already know the first question that will be asked. How long does it take? The short answer is, that depends entirely on you. The more negative mindset you have, the longer it will likely take. But even with a positive mindset (that I have been developing for over 6 years now) it can take time. I had a small square of paper that said, "I have my first $10,000 month in real estate." I looked at it every day twice a day as Kirk suggests. And after 2 months I sure didn't see it happening. In fact, the evidence seemed to indicate I was on track for the worst year of my real estate career! How was that possible, because I BELIEVED! I was very tempted to take the darn thing down, but Kirk also says never take it down until it is complete. I guess the exception might be if you find out that it is not the thing you want. So, I thought to myself, if this takes me 6 months/a year to accomplish, will it be worth it? No answer but YES!

So, I kept going. At five months I actually decided I was leaving real estate, but kept looking at it every day. I set a date to quit. And 2 weeks before that date, SEVERAL transactions came "out of the blue." In real estate, you work for months sometimes on a property, before you see one penny. I could see that it would take time, and decided to stay in until the end of the year. In 3 months, as each of my transaction closed, and I added up my totals, I found to my delight that I had reached my goal of a $10,000 month. It took 8 months to complete. And I'm glad I stuck with it. The next year, my business increased 4 fold. And as I said before, I'll be putting a vision board up again soon. I hope you'll join me in your own experiment.

PS. You cannot get lost in vision. If you do not take action the vision does not come into creation. Take inspired action to see your vision come to life.

Unconventional use of EFT

Guest post from my friend and fellow practioner Arden Compton.

See www.ardencompton.com

Unexpected Success – Bowling

A few years ago I took my family bowling.  The bowling alley here in Brigham City was giving away a turkey to anyone who bowled 3 strikes in a row.  So, off we went to try our luck.  Now, I am not a serious bowler; throughout my life, I have probably gone bowling about once a year … maybe less.  I usually bowl somewhere between 100 and 120.  If I get over 120, it is a good game for me – if I get into the 130's – that's a really good game.

So, getting three strikes in a row wasn't likely – I might get 2 or 3 strikes in a game, but not in a row.  In my first frame, I knocked over 8 pins, not bad.  But I thought about how fun it would be to win a turkey and I decided to try some EFT.  On my next turn, as I held the ball in my right hand, I tapped with my left hand on the face points and repeated in my mind, This fear of not making a strike.

It took a little over five seconds to tap through that.  This time I bowled a spare (meaning I knocked all the pins over in two tries), but was only one pin away from getting a strike.  Each turn for the rest of the game, I went through the same tapping process.  The next frame I bowled a strike!  But on my next turn two frames I bowled a spare – I needed three strikes in a row.

I was feeling pretty good about my game at this point; I was on track to an above-average score for me.  Then the next frame I bowled a strike, and the following frame I bowled another strike!  At this point I did a little tapping before my next turn, there was a little pressure because I was going for the turkey on this one.  I tapped on Fear of messing up the third strike ” fear of not getting a strike. I also tapped five seconds or so after I picked up my ball.  And sure enough, I got a third strike!

I was so excited, I yelled loud enough for everyone in the bowling alley to hear me, "I won a turkey!"  My wife and kids all gave me high fives.  I ran over to the desk and had all the bowling alley employees give me a high five, there were some friends of mine several lanes down, I ran over to them and had them give me high fives.  So, the next time I got the ball I tapped again, and I got another strike!  Four in a row!  And then I got another strike, and another one, and another one!  Seven strikes in a row by the time the game ended.  I bowled a 236, 100 points beyond what I thought would be a really good game.  Our friends even asked me to come bowl on their lane so I could help them win a turkey.  On their lane, I bowled another strike.

However, I started having some uncertainty because I didn't think the bowling alley wanted me to win a turkey for other people – thus the next frame I ended the streak with a spare.  I excused that by saying, "The ball slipped from my fingers," which it had, but I am almost certain it was because of those inner doubts about winning a turkey for someone else that I "sabotaged" it.

As I look at what allowed me to have this unexpected success, the first thing was I thought about how fun it would be to win a turkey. I wasn’t worried about embarrassing myself by not winning a turkey, I had nothing to loose.  If I bowled my usual game and didn’t win a turkey, so what? Not a concern. But the idea of winning a turkey just felt really fun, and that raised my vibration.

Something I wasn’t not consciously aware of at the time was that when I considered bowling a turkey, and the idea “felt fun”, at some level I saw myself winning the turkey, and believed it enough that I felt the fun sensation, I felt my vibration raise. If I had seen it in my minds eye with absolutely no belief, it would not have created that fun emotion, I would have felt doubt, or stress, or possibly nothing. But given that the idea felt fun, at some level I saw it happening and enjoyed that experience before it happened. This was not at a conscious level; if you asked me, “Do you think you can bowl a turkey?” I probably would have answered, “I don’t know, never have, but it would be fun.”

Then I used EFT to help calm me and remove fear of not getting a strike. These two things helped me bowl a spare, a strike, and then two more spares.  This was really good for me, and my excitement level rose, I was doing good! The bowling pins were always willing to cooperate, they always obeyed the laws of physics.  As I raised my vibration with more joy and excitement, and the bowling pins yielded and began falling down every time I rolled the ball down the lane.  Everything came together in support of this higher energy.

Something else interesting is that I had not set a goal to bowl eight strikes in a row. I simply thought about how fun it would be to win turkey, removed my fear of not making a strike, and the results were much better than I would have considered possible. People attach a lot of unnecessary conditions to success; they think they have to work hard for long periods of time, they have to stress, they have to practice a lot. Now, I have to be careful here, I am not saying we shouldn’t practice or work hard, but in the end that is not what is most important in success.  Loving what you are doing and enjoying what you are doing is much more important for your success than your work ethic or your skill level.  I had not done my due diligence to bowl eight strikes in a row; I had not been working hard, I had not been practicing, I did not have the skill level to do that. I only thought of it after I started bowling. But in that moment when I unwittingly raised my vibration by imagining how fun it would be and removed all fear, everything came together for me.  All the elements honored this higher vibration; even the elements of my body led me to send the ball down the lane at a skill level far above my own.  So, whatever we are we are working towards in life, we need to make sure we are loving the present moment, excited about what we are doing in the present moment, and look forward with hope. We may not know exactly what the results will be, in fact we need to be completely unattached as to what the results will be. When we are in a state of love and joyful anticipation, enjoying the present moment, unattached to what the results will be, things turn out better than we could possibly plan or orchestrate on our own. All things are possible!

Something else that is interesting is that since this I bowled 8 strikes in a row, I have gone bowling maybe a half a dozen times. I used ascribe my success to the fact that I had tapped on ‘fear of not making a strike’ before each turn. However, each of the times since then my score has been back to where it was before, somewhere between 100 and 120, even though I tapped in much the same way. How come I wasn’t able to repeat the success?

First, I worried about failure, I felt I had something to prove.  I wasn’t happily thinking about success, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it again. Also, I was very attached to the results of roll of the ball, I needed it to be a strike, and it rarely was. I wasn’t thinking about how fun it would be to bowl a turkey, I had some fear if I couldn’t repeat the process it would discredit me and EFT. So, I wasn’t anywhere near the vibration I had when I bowled 8 strikes in a row. Instead of being happy and feeling good, I was worried and concerned. Both times the laws of physics cooperated with my vibration, supported my vibration. What I thought gave me success the first time (EFT tapping) was really only a minor part of the equation, otherwise I would have experienced more success on subsequent trips to the bowling alley.  What made the biggest difference with me not caring about the results, but being excited about the idea of winning a turkey and enjoying the present moment.

Your thoughts can HEAL you

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Excuse me. Your body is screaming!

I'm spending three days at a Master of Influence class by Kirk Duncan. Just the discussion on Influence Vs Manipulation was a good reason to come. Do you spend more time being an influence or a manipulator? We also spent time learning about eye movements and hands. It's amazing the insights you can get and understand by observing a body and asking some questions. Here is a really great tip to keep from hurting the little people in your life. When you ask someone a question, and their eyes go straight down, toward the floor, they are accessing their emotions; their feelings to answer.

                                 courtesy photos8.com

When you see that….ZIP IT!!! SHUT UP!!! And wait. Wait for the answer. When the eyes come back up and they see you waiting, you will have their trust. If you are impatient or your eyes are not there when theirs come back to yours, you've lost them for good. It applies to grown ups too.

Example. What do you think about ___________. Fill in the blank. Eyes go down. They aren't thinking. They are FEELING. WAIT. Eyes come back up and they give you their response and you also just earned their trust. Cool huh? These are the kids people have a tendency to say, "hurry up and make up your mind!" Speak up already! You just shut them down. Give it a try.

You CAN achieve

About 3 months ago, I started something on a whim. I've always wanted to run a marathon, although I hesitate now. πŸ™‚ I knew the training would take lots of time, and I guess I should say I am not committed enough to put that kind of time in. So, I had been thinking that maybe I could try a half marathon. I mentioned that to my Dr when he told me he was participating in an upcoming 104 mile bike ride. Wow! I thought that was pretty cool. And when I mentioned my thought about a half marathon, he told me that there was a half marathon in conjunction with this bike race. Hmmm. I did about 15 minutes of research and decided to plunge in. The saying comes to mind, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

But seriously, I was nervous and excited about the proposition. I well remember Monday morning when I woke up in the 5am hour, something I find completely distasteful, and my first thought was, "there is NO WAY you can do this!" I was running every week on Monday, Wed., Thurs., and Saturday. On Wed, when I woke up my first thought was, "what are you thinking, you are over 40!!!" What do we call those? Limiting beliefs. I must have thought somewhere in my brain, "I am too old and too out of shape to do this."

But because I have been working on my thoughts and feelings for years now, I knew those were not thoughts I wanted running with me as I went out each time. So, on that very first Mon. and Wed. as I tried to begin training, I also tapped. "Even though there is NO WAY I can do this…….even though I am over 40 and it is far too early in the morning…" And that is how I addressed every negative thought that came up.

If my knee began hurting and it often did, tap, tap, tap. "Even though my left knee is aching while I run and I should give up…" If my hip or heel hurt, tap, tap, tap.

And then there was the battle between my head and my heart. My brain quit yelling at me when I woke up and moved to strategy two. Yell at her while she's running. So, I would get about half way into my distance for the day, and my mind and heart would go at it. Heart: "you can do this? right? keep going, just a little farther." Head: "Shut up and get back in the closet. You can't do it. It's too hard!"

Each time, no matter what physical challenge or negative thought or limiting belief came up, I let my fingers fly while my legs attempted to. And an amazing thing began to happen. My thoughts began to transform. I began looking forward to running each day and my head and heart became synchronized. I thought of people I love who are doing hard things and what an inspiration they are to me. And pretty soon, as they heard what I was doing, they told me how I was an inspiration to them.

I began liking running. Can I define running? Running as far as I could, then walking lots and lots. Then running some more and walking lots more. And so forth. Saturdays from about 6 weeks into my training, were downright frightening. Not only had I not run regularly since I was in college, dare I say almost 25 years ago, but I had not ever run distances of 8, 10, 11, 12 miles. But I kept tapping and running and walking and persevering. And my son, who is doing a hard job away from home for a couple of years, encouraged me regularly through email. And he asked me to keep running after the race was over so that when he comes home he could run with me.

That's a pretty cool thought. Yep. Now I HAVE to keep running. So, Saturday I ran the half marathon. It was HARD!!! Miles 4-8 were uphill. It wore me out. But I kept going. 13.1 miles and I finished strong, if slow. But "slow and steady win the race." I did not come in first place. In fact, I came within only a few of coming in last place, but that was not the point. I wanted to finish and I did. And in the process I eliminated the beliefs that would have kept me from success. I overcame what I thought about myself physically. I'm so grateful EFT can do that.

You know something else? Around the time I started running, I began having regular heel pain. Almost debilitating. Hobble around the room kind of pain. Never when I ran. When I woke up or after I ran thankfully. When the race was over, my heel began throbbing like never before. A little tapping helped. The next morning when I woke up it was just as bad. This time, I did EFT emphatically and have now enjoyed 3 days in a row with no heel pain. Wonder what limiting beliefs were behind that?

Do you have limiting beliefs? How'd YOU like to let them go? With EFT you can!

Tap with Me
EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Although I try to remain true to my training, I am using my version of it here. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information. I don't have medical or psychology training, but offer EFT as a teacher and coach.