“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”


Holiday Sale

For a limited time: Until December 31

EFT sessions can typically run anywhere from $60-$200 an hour. But for you, your family, and friends I am offering an unprecedented opportunity through the holidays. You get to choose the cost of your session. I am offering this for those of you who may be skeptical. You may not want to "risk" your hard earned dollars for something unfamiliar that may not work. Well, it works! Or your money back. But let's ask, what is it WORTH? If you cannot sleep at night, EVER, what would it be worth you to be able to sleep peacefully? If you are afraid of public speaking, or flying, or any other phobia, what is it worth to be rid of that fear and able to enjoy newfound freedom? Take any issue, symptom, challenge or concern you have, and ask, what would I pay if this was gone forever?

Take advantage now and get an INTRODUCTORY/ or return EFT phone session for a very low price. Your price! Generally sessions will be during the hours, 9am – 3pm, M-F, Arizona, US time. Other times may be available based on my schedule. Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Appointments can be done by phone and skype when I give you some preliminary information. I am happy to print or email gift certificates if you want to give EFT as a gift to someone you love.

I am not a licensed therapist. I have a degree in education and 20 years of personal study of alternative health methods. But my success rate is 80-90%. I consider myself a talented teacher and practitioner. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of EFT.

Suggested issues: Physical pain or symptom (pain, headache, asthma, allergy, etc), fear, phobias (spiders, dogs, public speaking, heights, etc), emotional symptoms (grief, anger, sadness), a specific negative memory or event. Often works when nothing else will! What else can EFT help?

Try it on EVERYTHING! Ask me if you are wondering if EFT can help you.


Name your price


CONTACT me with your preferred appointment times. Appointment will not be held without payment. If there is a higher or lower amount you would like to pay, let me know.







Upcoming FREE Less Stress More Living class/support

Feeling stressed about school, work, parenting, health, other life events??? Come tomorrow morning and de-stress for free. November 9, 10:30 am at Keystone in Thatcher. 2586 Highway 70, next to Volvo Rents. 1 hour will make a world of difference. Please share with a friend. Come with a friend. Bring a friend. Make it fun. Destress together. See all classes below.


Learn an easy way in one hour to reduce stress. Physical stress? Mental stress? Emotional stress? Bring your stress and leave at ease. This one hour class will teach you the basics to obliterate over 50% of the stress you experience in your life. Look below for Safford and Duncan dates and locations.



Nov 10–Thatcher, Keystone (above) 10:30-11:30 am
Dec 1–Thatcher, Keystone, 10:30-11:30am
Week of Dec 12, tba, possibly at EAC.

Nov 15–Duncan, probably town hall, 7-8pm
Dec 6–Duncan, probably town hall, 7-8pm

For more info, see www.dailyabundance.net

If you have experienced the power of EFT, please come and bring a friend to share it with. Even if you have attended one of my free classes, you can come and bring your stress, and leave more relaxed. EFT can greatly improve or completely relieve physical symptoms, fears, phobias, mental and emotional symptoms, and more. Try it on everything. Often works when nothing else will.

Watch for my half day and all day seminar in January.


Mother’s Day Giveaway

I am so blessed and happy to be a mom! Here in the US, on Sunday, May 8, we will be celebrating Mother's Day. For a little history about it and an organization I belong to that started the holiday, you can click here. I am the mother of seven wonderful children.

The oldest is now 22 and the youngest is 7 1/2. Those 1/2 years are very important at that age.

Let's face it, mom's work whether they are employed or not. And all that work can sometimes create stress. So, I want to help you give your mom a break from stress by gifting one lucky mom with an EFT appointment by phone or skype. That is 50 minutes of one-on-one expertise in Emotional Freedom Techniques. She gets to choose what she would like to improve. Physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, intrusive thoughts, or just plain stress? It's up to her. See just some of the things EFT can help. Wait! I am going to sweeten the deal. If YOUR mom wins, you also get one free appointment. You'd have to be crazy not to enter. Here are the details.

First, comment on this post and tell me why your mom deserves to win.

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If you already are on my newsletter and/or follow me on facebook, comment on my facebook page why your mom deserves to win.

Finally, send me an email telling me you did all the steps and I'll enter you into the contest. Include YOUR NAME and email address, so I can let you know if you win. Email must be received by midnight Friday.

The winner will be announced Saturday.

If you do not win, but still want the benefits of EFT, I am also going to offer a buy one get one certificate, which you can take advantage of through May 8th. If your wonderful mom doesn't win, you can still give her an hour long stress reducing session, and get one for yourself free. I will email you a gift certificate that you can print and give to her on Mother's Day. If you are like me and no longer get to celebrate Mother's Days with your mom, ask those you love to treat you (or treat yourself) and enjoy two appointments or give your freebie to a sister, friend, child, or other loved one. Moms deserve to be good and strong and happy to do the work of being a great mom.

Go to the appointments page to get your BOGO stress reduction appointment now.

Another FREE Workshop

Stressed out?
Anxiety attacks?
Can't sleep?
Sick and Tired?
Unexplained physical symptoms?
Too many trips to the Dr.?

You need EFT. What is it? A very simple technique that helps you clear blocks to vibrant physical, mental, and emotional health. Join me for a one hour free class and learn the basics. Take your health into your own hands. LITERALLY. Simple, quick, easy and often works when nothing else will.







Saturday April 23, 9am-10am.

Tap with Me
EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Although I try to remain true to my training, I am using my version of it here. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information. I don't have medical or psychology training, but offer EFT as a teacher and coach.