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If you are taking ANY TYPE OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION, please consult your Doctor before taking charcoal. Charcoal will adsorb vitamins and medicine and MUST be taken separately. (Allow 2 hours) Activated charcoal should not be taken for long term use without consulting your doctor.


I'm so excited. For many years I have dreamed of having my own products. Recently, I discovered a product as ancient as time and the health benefits from using it. It started with a friend who was VERY sick with fibromyalgia. She mentioned how her new Doctor had recommended this product for detox. I was all ears. I've been a cleansing detoxing fool for years! I watched her over a few months as she was tested, taken off medications that were not helping and had done nothing for her and put on a simple detox regimen. Since then her fibromyalgia pain has completely disappeared and she's lost 25 pounds!

Intrigued, I began to study and study and study. The more I studied, the more amazed I was at the power of this simple product. What is it? Activated charcoal. Charcoal? Like buned up wood charcoal? Yep. Exactly that. I've been using it for several weeks now for "what ails us." Particularly stomach issues. Stomach aches, diarhhea, vomiting. I have also given it to my children after vaccines, as an attempt to avoid reactions and to pull any toxic ingredients from their bodies. It's generally improved our turn around time on healing.

I am convinced that activated charcoal is one of the most important things you can have in your medicine cabinet, or 72 hour kit, or camping equipment, or long term food and medicine supply. From poisoning (it's used inhospitals to detox drug overdoses) to bug bites (poultice), to everything in between, charcoal is simple amazing. Stay tuned for many more articles on this subject.

Some of the most common uses for charcoal are: teeth whitening, relieving gas and bloating, mold cleansing, water filtration, toxin removal, digestive cleansing, anti-aging, reducing high cholesterol. Research these and other topics, and consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.

But for now, here are two uses.

Benzene poisoning is a serious risk if you are exposed. One of the recommended treatments by the CDC is below.

If not already done, administer a slurry of activated charcoal (at 1 gm/kg, usual adult dose 60-90 g, usual child dose 25-50 g). A soda can and a straw may be of assistance when offering charcoal to a child.


The following true story. With a little modification, it could fit a "war scenario."

The original letter was addressed to Enos Yoder:

I am a certified pipe welder who lives in Columbus, Ohio. In 1994, I was working in a refinery in Lima, Ohio. I was working second shift, from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M., seven days a week. On the night of October 14th, while I was on my way to work, the news report said rain was expected after midnight.

About 1 A.M. a fine mist of rain started to fall.

About fifteen minutes later a safety man at the refinery came running up. He told the eighteen men in my crew to report to the designated safe tent, and to wait for further instructions.

At 5 A.M. while we were still sitting in the tent, a bus pulled up. The supervisors came in and said that we were all going to the hospital for blood tests. The tests would be sent to the company and paid for in full by the contractor.

What we thought was rain was actually benzene spraying out of a tower 175 feet in the air.

A half mile away, a refinery employee had accidentally turned the wrong valve, and exposed us to one of the most carcinogenic substances in the United States.

Benzene affects the eyesight, nervous system, kidneys, and liver. When we arrived at the hospital we were all given blood tests. These tests revealed that all eighteen of us had dangerous levels of benzene in our blood systems. The doctors at the hospital explained that it would take up to a year for the benzene to leave our systems, and the damage it would do would vary from blindness to liver failure to kidney failure, and highly possible to death.

There was no known treatment to remove the benzene from the blood.

That morning there were eighteen very scared men, who had come from all over the United States to earn a living for their families. Their lives were now being given an expiration date of five to seven years.

The next day we were all laid off. The company said they were sorry for what had happened, and wished us the best of Luck.

Because of my fulfilling relationship with Christ, that day I prayed. Immediately, the name of a man I had visited a year earlier came to my mind.

When I got home, I called Enos. He said to just come on up. I did, and he gave me a bag of charcoal capsules.

After taking the charcoal capsules, I made an appointment with my family doctor. I told him about the benzene and asked for another blood test. When the test came back a week later, it showed that I had no benzene in my system.

The doctor said that my case had caused him to spend a lot of time reading about benzene and, according to all he had read, there was no way the body could rid itself of benzene in less than twelve months.

He said that the lab knew this also, and they would give me another test for free. Those results also came back, NO BENZENE in my body!!! About six months later, the contractor refused to pay for any testing done to me.

This led to a court action, because federal law, workmen's compensation, and O.C.C.A. regulations said the contractor was fully responsible.

Approximately three years later I went to court. Upon arriving, I met a man who was scheduled to appear in court at the same time as I was. After introductions, it turned out that he was with a law firm representing seventeen men who had filed a class action suit due to benzene poisoning in Lima, Ohio in 1994.

The court did not know that I was not part of that lawsuit, and had scheduled me at the same time in the same courtroom. The attorney explained to me that two of his clients suffered from blindness, four were on kidney dialysis, and all were being treated by a neurological psychiatrist.

The lawyer was amazed that my benzene level had been more than twice that of any of his clients, yet I had no health problems whatsoever. He said that it was nothing short of a miracle for me.

To that, I first said, `Thank You Lord Jesus, for watching over me,' and second, `Thank you Enos Yoder, for being there, and for caring the way you do. "

An exterior use:

Dr. Marjorie Baldwin shared one other story about an eleven-year-old boy named Jimmy who was the unfortunate victim of a cigarette and a can of gasoline, leaving him severely burned on the backs of his legs:

“He was brought to our hospital, and immediately laid face down on an examining table. In places his trousers were burned to his skin, and he was shrieking with pain. Immediately upon his arrival, I commandeered a crew of male nurses to prepare a large quantity of charcoal slurry. As I cleared his legs of all possible foreign matter, the crew smeared this thick paste of charcoal slurry on a piece of cotton flannel that would reach from side to side and waist to ankles. Then we quickly flipped this wet poultice, charcoal side down, over the burned area. Instantly the shrieking ceased, and the exhausted boy heaved a big sigh of relief. The cold charcoal had completely relieved his pain. All that Jimmy had was charcoal. He was spared his limbs to walk again. “

This case happened before the advent of cold therapy for burns. After the initial healing, Jimmy received skin grafts to complete his recovery.

Important note: Charcoal can be constipating. Drink extra water or take magnesium with it.

Read more:




We intend to have a bottle in each of our 72 hr kits and several per person for extended food and medical supplies.

I am not a licensed medical professional. If you have questions, ask your trusted health practitioner. I am a licensed EFT practitioner and a certified Lifestyle Educator.

You can buy activated charcoal here: our charcoal has 3 to 4 times the milligrams of other brands. Made from coconut.


Activated Charcoal

or go to AMAZON and check out other brands. Pay attention to mg. Ours is 900.

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