“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

Excuse me. Your body is screaming!

I'm spending three days at a Master of Influence class by Kirk Duncan. Just the discussion on Influence Vs Manipulation was a good reason to come. Do you spend more time being an influence or a manipulator? We also spent time learning about eye movements and hands. It's amazing the insights you can get and understand by observing a body and asking some questions. Here is a really great tip to keep from hurting the little people in your life. When you ask someone a question, and their eyes go straight down, toward the floor, they are accessing their emotions; their feelings to answer.

                                 courtesy photos8.com

When you see that….ZIP IT!!! SHUT UP!!! And wait. Wait for the answer. When the eyes come back up and they see you waiting, you will have their trust. If you are impatient or your eyes are not there when theirs come back to yours, you've lost them for good. It applies to grown ups too.

Example. What do you think about ___________. Fill in the blank. Eyes go down. They aren't thinking. They are FEELING. WAIT. Eyes come back up and they give you their response and you also just earned their trust. Cool huh? These are the kids people have a tendency to say, "hurry up and make up your mind!" Speak up already! You just shut them down. Give it a try.

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EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Although I try to remain true to my training, I am using my version of it here. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information. I don't have medical or psychology training, but offer EFT as a teacher and coach.