“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”


Read the quote by Peggy below this post. I wanted to share an example of how this works. Last week we had our county fair. Each year, my children and I enter items to be judged, from animals, to artwork, to crafts and baked goods. This year I decided I wanted to enter some cinnamon rolls. I had a new recipe that were hands down the best I have ever tasted. And I knew what I wanted with those rolls. The yellow, Best of Fair ribbon. You have white for third, red for second, and blue for first. But items that are exceptionally good, get an additional yellow ribbon. There are very few given. And I wanted one!

As I began making the cinnamon rolls, I thought about that Best of Fair award, I imagined it my mind and I got REALLY excited. Because I knew I was going to win it. Well, it really helps to have a fail proof recipe. But, I combined intention, with faith, and emotion. When I took them to the fairgrounds, I thought by morning when they judged they would be perfect. And then as I judged in another area, I realized the judging would be done immediately. I actually had a moment of doubt until I realized that my cinnamon rolls were still warm. Oh they would be even yummier and they can just hand me the yellow ribbon now.

When I had completed my judging and left, I could see that my rolls had been judged and given a blue ribbon, but they had been set aside with a few other things. I guessed that these were the potential yellow ribbon items. I went home and completely let it go. I did not worry or fret or wring my hands. I just went home happy.

Usually we go early to the fair, but we did not have animals this year, so it was after lunch before we wandered down. I wasn't even thinking about the yellow ribbon. I just wanted to go in and see if any of my children had won ribbons on their artwork. And lo and behold, I was met at the door by someone I knew with a big smile on her face as she saw me. She asked enthusiastically, "did you see what you won!?" I told her I had not. And she shared the happy news that I had won the Best of Fair ribbon on my cinnamon rolls as I had hoped. I literally jumped with joy and clapped my hands. It felt good to be validated on my accomplishment, but even better to have seen and felt the accomplishment as if it had already happened and then experience it again. Awesome!


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