“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

Overactive bladder


My friend, who I will call Linda, had a "bladder problem." At unexpected times it just did not cooperate and created embarrassing experiences for her. She was very worried that she might end up "depending"… on products to help her problem.

I used the symptom emotion list in the back of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Truman, to see if there were any obvious emotions that she might connect with. Under bladder, she connected with overflowing emotions. She has had several highly emotional experiences with different family members the last few years, any one of which could have been a contributor. I asked her when the problem began and she immediately said it became much worse after a recent deer attack. Yes, you heard it right.

Without telling the whole story, she and her husband were attacked by an albino deer a few months previously in their yard. She was seriously injured and her husband could have been killed if several people had not intervened, but he did have his hip broken. As you can imagine, it was a very traumatic experience. I asked her what emotion she felt the most strongly in that experience and she went into tears as she replied that she was afraid she was going to lose her husband. Thinking about the experience brought anxiety. We started right in with that.

Even though I was afraid I would lose my husband…

Even though I have this fear, I was so afraid…

She was clearly an intensity level of 8 or 9 on a scale of 0 to 10, but after only three or four rounds of simple shortcut EFT, she was down to a zero. I asked her to say," I was afraid I was going to lose my husband." She no longer felt that intensity at all. To check it, I explained the Movie Technique to her, and asked her to begin playing the movie and stop at any sign of distress. She stopped when she got to the point that she was being loaded into the ambulance. I asked her to briefly tell about what was happening and she was surprised (and again began crying) that it was very upsetting when she was told by the EMT that she had a very deep gash in her leg from the attack.

Even though I had this deep gash…

Even though I had a serious injury…

Even though I was worried about myself too…

Even though this was a terrible experience… I'm all right now.

After a few rounds, the intensity was down again and I asked her to run the movie again. She went through the whole thing and ended with a giggle saying she had no more distress over it. She expressed amazement at the effectiveness of what we had done so quickly.

Next we turned directly to the bladder problem. Since she identified with overflowing emotions, I used that in our setups.

Even though I have these overflowing emotions and my bladder is overflowing…

Even though I have an overflowing bladder…

Even though I can't make it long distances…

Even though I am worried about some of the things my son is experiencing…

We really just did some straightforward, simple EFT without a lot of probing. As we finished and she was getting ready to leave, she mentioned she needed to go and I offered her use of my ladies room. But she declined saying she would be just fine. I am a complete believer in EFT, but I thought she was pushing it. But she insisted she would be fine for the drive home. So, off she went.

I emailed her a few days later and asked how she was doing and if she noticed any difference. She said that she felt great and that she had a bonus benefit that she had stopped getting up 3 or 4 times at night to go to the bathroom and was only down to once each night. I was very happy to hear it. I checked back again a few weeks later and she said the only accident she had had was when she had been tickled. I just asked her for her own contribution and here is what she wrote:

"Dawn, you can share what worked for me starting with the awful attack by the deer and resulting anxiety. I've included some exercises and now can go HOURS without having to go and haven't had to cut back on drinking (water that is). I always get through the night, partly because I stop drinking around 6 pm but would not have thought of this had we not spent time together tapping. IT WORKS! The other day I decided to try tapping to change my eating habits and it seems to be working so far. Instead of snacking on chips or something non-nutritious, I go for a drink of water usually. Can't go wrong with water! "

EFT takes care of trauma, anxiety, and an overactive bladder, all in less than an hour.

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