“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”


There is pain. And there is pain. Deep bruises. Unrelenting back pain. Natural childbirth. Gall bladder attacks. Kidney stones. Broken bones. And more. I've suffered my fair share of these. But of all the pain I have encountered, there has been none that compares to the sting of a bark scorpion. Here is what an Arizona bark scorpion looks like.


scorpAnd when the little beast connects with the bottom of your big toe early in the morning, it's a shocking experience. In May I was walking around our house at night and WHAMMO!!! It was something like being stabbed with a red hot knife! And then the HOWLING began!!! I was literally screaming and crying for at least 5 minutes. It wasn't long before my husband and oldest son were running for me. Husband became comforter and relief seeker. Son became scorpion slayer.

I was in AGONY for 2 full hours. Blinding pain that wouldn't stop as it crawled up my leg. I tried baking soda and meat tenderizer and essential oils and Tylenol and nothing worked. A friend told me kerosene would have done the trick. Dang! For at least 6 or 7 more hours, I was in extreme discomfort and the only thing that gave me relief (oils finally did help some at this point) was keeping my foot in a bowl of ice water for as long as I could because I could not stand anything touching it. For two days my foot was numb from the ankle down (think tooth being pulled anesthesia numb). It gradually subsided and the last few days was just in my toe. The tingling at the very tip of my toe was there for many weeks.

What helped the most? My husband prayed with me. And that immediately brought to mind my handy dandy EFT. It may sound dumb that the experience traumatized me, but it did. I was very shaky and upset from the pain and the fact that I've been scared for 20 years of scorpions (apparently for good reason). Anyway, after about 10 minutes of tapping, where literally, in my brain, my words were all slurred, my body relaxed and about 60% of the pain was gone. What a relief! Still very uncomfortable, but bearable. I hope I never repeat such a thing. Worst pain I've ever experienced. So, that's that. I bought a black light the next day. And I use it every night when I go to bed. This is what they look like with a black light. They glow.

blacklightAnd it has helped that our home has now been thoroughly sprayed several times and we've only seen dead ones since then. Not all scorpion stings hurt like this. Only the bark. Apparently I was lucky.

How my phrasing went.

"Even though I've been stung by a scorpion, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I've never felt so much pain, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though the bottom of my toe is killing me, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Then I realized how traumatized I was. "Even though I'm terribly upset by this sting, I deeply and completely accept myself."

After many rounds, I began to feel very relaxed, and the pain just eased away to a manageable level. Thank goodness!

I've had MANY experiences with pain being completely eliminated. In this case, I was extremely grateful that it was managed. I could bear it after that. Give EFT a try for pain. You won't believe how effective it is.

To find out more about EFT, see: http://dailyabundance.net/free

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