“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

What is YOUR purpose?

My Purpose

So, a couple of months ago, I proposed to some like minded people, starting a Master Mind group. And for the last few weeks we have been "meeting" by phone and discussing a chapter each week from Jack Canfield's The Success Principles. There are 6 of us in the group. A Dr, who hasn't REALLY joined us yet, but I hope he will. Me. Another successful EFT practitioner. An RET technician. A writer. And a runner.

Each week we are covering great information and trying to align ourselves with it so we can each be successful by fulfilling our purpose. Chapter 1 was Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life. No blaming, excusing, or complaining. How different the world would be if we did not do those three things. Can you stop for one day? How about a week? How about just catching yourself?

Chapter 2 deals with the subject today. Be Clear Why You are Here. Do you have any idea why you are here? Besides just to exist and have experiences? What is your purpose in life? Do you know? If you don't, where in the world are you going? The reason for a purpose, is to give your life direction. How will you end up at point B if you don't know where your point A is or even that there is a point B?

I did this exercise last year and wrote the following: "My purpose is to use my happy and compassionate nature to lift others and ease their burdens so everyone loves each other and lifts each other to live their highest purposes." (I want to help others realize they have a purpose and in that realization lift others with them).

I recently reworded it. Like at 1 am one night. Haha. "My purpose is to use the talents of my mind and body to help further others in the kingdom of God, so that they can love others and help lift others to live their highest purposes." Pretty similar. But allows for use of all my talents. It doesn't have to be long. But it can be. There doesn't have to be a how. In fact it's better if there isn't one. It just has to light a passion within you.

How do you do it? List two of your unique personal qualities. List a very few ways you enjoy expressing those qualities. Assume the world is perfect. What does it look like, feel like? Write it as a present statement. Combine them all into a single paragraph. Of course EFT is a great tool to help peel off the unwanted doubts, fears, and emotions swirling around our purpose. What's your purpose?

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EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Although I try to remain true to my training, I am using my version of it here. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information. I don't have medical or psychology training, but offer EFT as a teacher and coach.