“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

Releasing Past Traumas, 9/11


If you are older than 18 or so and you live in the United States, chances are, this date, 9/11, is ingrained permanently in your memory. If you are older than 18 or 19 and live anywhere in the world, chances are, you probably also remember this day.

I woke up at 5:30 am (Pacific) that day. It was dark and the air was cool and crisp when I left home and drove to town to the high school gym to lift weights. There was news on the radio about a tower and an airplane and I thought it was a crash at the Phx airport. Sad. I went and lifted weights and while lifting, on the news, it said something about President Bush and towers and airplanes. I wasn't really paying attention. On my drive home at around 6:45, I heard more on the radio again and finally realized something was terribly wrong! All airspace in the U.S. shutdown!!!!!!!!?????????? I'd never heard of such a thing.

When I got home, I went RUNNING in the house and turned on the television. My husband and children were getting ready for work and school and were almost ready to go. They hadn't heard. And then we all saw. The towers ablaze and smoking, fire at the Pentagon, another plane missing. We sat speechless and wondering, when to my total dismay, one of the towers disintegrated and fell before our eyes. I burst into tears knowing the time of day, knowing all the people that must be in them, knowing the loss and grief and trauma of thousands, that would follow. People jumping out of buildings, evacuations, all those firefighters. My husband and children left for school and work, and I sat glued to the television with my one year old and three year old at my feet while tears rolled down my face all day long.

Where were you? What did you feel? Do you still feel it? As I write, I realize that I can still feel it almost as strongly as the day I watched. I couldn't stop watching for weeks, until one day sickened and sad by the whole thing, I turned the news off, and for years, stayed away from the news. I'm able now to selectively watch if I want, but only once every few weeks and scanning headlines on the internet.

I did not know about EFT back then, and haven't thought till today to do anything about it.

What to do about past traumas? I know what I am doing today. And if you know EFT and know how to tap, I'd encourage you to do so. Releasing trauma from the past, whether it is 9/11 memories and emotions, or your own personal tragedies, gives you great freedom. Here are some things you might tap on surrounding 9/11.

Even though I still feel the trauma of that day (3x)…..I deeply and completely accept myself. Reminder, trauma. (tap all around after each statement, 3 times total)

Even though I didn't realize what was happening, I was scared…..reminder phrase, scared.

Even though our country was under attack and I was scared…

Even though so many people died that day and we all watched helpless…..reminder, helpless.

Even though I'll never get over the sadness and fear….reminder. I'll never get over it.

Even though I still cry over 9/11 and the tragedy…..reminder, still crying.

Even though life will never be the same…reminder, never be the same.

Even though I saw the planes hit the towers, over and over and over…reminder, planes hit the towers.

Even though I saw people jumping out of buildings…reminder, those poor people.

Even though the towers fell before my eyes…..reminder, the towers fell.

Even though it was terrible terrorism, and we all felt it……reminder terrorism.

Even though I'll never forget, I can leave the grief behind me…..reminder, letting go of grief.

Even though it felt so dangerous, I am safe now….reminder I am safe.

Even though the nation suffered so much trauma, there are things to find joy in now…reminder, finding joy.

Even though the events of 9/11 created so much terror, I now choose peace…reminder I choose peace.


If the photo at the beginning of this post triggered your emotions, when you are finished tapping the EFT phrases, go back and look at the picture. Does it still trigger you? Then keep tapping. Go through those statements and any others that you can word that are meaningful to you, and keep tapping. You can test how well it worked by finding news footage from that day, are there still emotions? If so, keep tapping. Until you can look at pictures and video and think about all you experienced with no emotional response. It's possible. I just did. And you can too. email me, if you need help with past traumas.

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