“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

Are you STUCK???

How often do you wonder, how long you will remain in bad habits, thoughts, and choices? We truly do have the power to change, but sometimes don't realize how to get there. James Allen said,

"As a progressive and evolving being, man is where he is that he may learn that he may grow; and as he learns the spiritual lesson which any circumstance contains for him, it passes away and gives place to other circumstances.

"Man is buffeted by circumstances so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions, but when he realizes that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow, he then becomes the rightful master of himself."

Even with no tools, except what's between our ears, and beating in our chests, we can choose how we act and feel about our circumstances. But it is so much easier when we do have techniques to simplify the process. And EFT is one of those techniques. It makes it easier to get through the things that have a tendency to sideline us. I am so glad when I hurt, I can tap. When I am angry, I can tap. When I can't get a thought out of my head, I can tap. When I can't sleep, I can tap. When I just can't "get over it", I can tap. What an awesome tool. And you can use it for that too. If you want to know how, just ask me.


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EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Although I try to remain true to my training, I am using my version of it here. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information. I don't have medical or psychology training, but offer EFT as a teacher and coach.