“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

When the Train Derails

You're planning a trip. It's a simple trip. Get on train. Travel from point A to point B. It's no problem. The train is on the tracks and you just enjoy the ride. But every now and then, something gets in the way, and your train is derailed.

That happened to me today. One decision by one person, affected 6 different parties. I did not think it would be any big deal, but by the end of the day, it was a very big deal. And it had potential to blow the train right off the tracks. It was such a nice trip! What to do when someone causes great grief for others? I have been hoping for the day, when something stressful came into my life, to finally have the ability to simply go with the flow. I took an early reminder from one of the parties to breathe, to heart.

I decided that our party of parties had not come this far on our trip, to end in a heap of twisted iron and dashed hopes. So, I simply went with faith. I believed with all of my heart that there was a solution to satisfy all involved. I ignored any hint of emotional response in myself. After several phone calls to only the parties who needed to know, I sent a prayer up, quieted myself and pondered on the possible solutions, one after the other, asking and expecting the answer to be given. I was the only one who could come up with the answer. It was my position in the parties, to provide the answer and communicate it. And after about an hour of pondering (half of it while driving, the other half over an awesome bowl of hamburger stew), the answer came floating into my mind. It had come in a couple of pieces before it all came together as one solid idea.

I can't tell you how happy I was to receive it! And not for reasons you might expect; that it solved a HUGE problem for 6 different entities. But because I finally conquered something I desired to conquer. To see a problem for what it was. To understand it required a solution that would make everyone happy. To ponder on the solution without emotional attachment, KNOWING the answer was there. And to let it go, while my mind opened up to possibility. To do all of that instead of being filled with anxiety over a problem that seemed like it would destroy all the passengers on the train! HOORAY!

I knew it could be done, and today proved it. And the awesome thing is, it can be done again. By me. By you. By anyone who applies true principles. Right thought. Peaceful feelings. Faithful expectancy. Gratitude. And allowance. Once I had the answer, a multitude of phone calls, texts, and emails went out to everyone. Some of the parties did not even know there was a problem. Why get everyone into a tizzy? They've just been given the solution, and we are all continuing on the train to our destination.

WOOT! Or should I say TOOT TOOT!!! smiley

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