“The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer
aspects of ther live.”

Vision–You’re BLIND without it.

Well, here it is a New Year. And I have tons of things to share. I've been wanting to begin posting again for some time, and this video actually inpired me to finally do it. Because I have experience with this. I've been to Kirk's classes. And applied some of what he teaches, but I believe this one thing is the most powerful thing he shares. And it works.

I had a poster with my vision on it hanging in my office. Every time I went in, I took it out and looked at it. Not only did I sell all four of the houses on the poster, but I had my biggest year ever and sold 4 more. That might not seem like much to your average realtor, but in a county that only sells 12 houses a year, it's HUGE. Did I reach the exact goal? No, I fell 13% short of this specific $ goal. Do you think I'm crying over that? No way!

I used this technique to go from a $10,000 YEAR to a $10,000 MONTH (which was only part of the goal that year). And I have been able to repeat it. We've used it to purchase vehicles with the features we want, including price. Last year, I used it to sell several properties that I represented as a realtor. (See above picture) My son used it as a missionary to help him to be successful in his goals as a missionary. And as I write, I just realized that since we moved twice in a year, I haven't had one up for awhile. And I will remedy that VERY SOON. This works. And I invite you to try it. Kirk explains it best, so I am going to let him. And while I want people to follow what I teach, and become interested in the programs I am building, this is too important not to give you the link to the video. Please, if you want to accomplish things you never thought possible, this is worth watching. Click on the picture.


Edit: I already know the first question that will be asked. How long does it take? The short answer is, that depends entirely on you. The more negative mindset you have, the longer it will likely take. But even with a positive mindset (that I have been developing for over 6 years now) it can take time. I had a small square of paper that said, "I have my first $10,000 month in real estate." I looked at it every day twice a day as Kirk suggests. And after 2 months I sure didn't see it happening. In fact, the evidence seemed to indicate I was on track for the worst year of my real estate career! How was that possible, because I BELIEVED! I was very tempted to take the darn thing down, but Kirk also says never take it down until it is complete. I guess the exception might be if you find out that it is not the thing you want. So, I thought to myself, if this takes me 6 months/a year to accomplish, will it be worth it? No answer but YES!

So, I kept going. At five months I actually decided I was leaving real estate, but kept looking at it every day. I set a date to quit. And 2 weeks before that date, SEVERAL transactions came "out of the blue." In real estate, you work for months sometimes on a property, before you see one penny. I could see that it would take time, and decided to stay in until the end of the year. In 3 months, as each of my transaction closed, and I added up my totals, I found to my delight that I had reached my goal of a $10,000 month. It took 8 months to complete. And I'm glad I stuck with it. The next year, my business increased 4 fold. And as I said before, I'll be putting a vision board up again soon. I hope you'll join me in your own experiment.

PS. You cannot get lost in vision. If you do not take action the vision does not come into creation. Take inspired action to see your vision come to life.

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